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Let us turn your yard into your own personal oasis!  Todd’s Excavating can help you create the yard of your dreams as well implementing retaining walls, driveways, walkways, paver patios and adding unique touches such as custom fire and water features.

We've Got You Covered When It Comes To Custom Pavers

We have the full range of hardscapes covered from driveways, patios, walkways and custom rock work. If, you can envision it we can create the dream.

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No Project Too Big or Too Small

Working with the natural contours of your property, Todd’s Excavating can design and install walkways, patios and driveways constructed in either custom pavers or flagstone making your home an oasis. Working with the elevation changes of your property, Todd’s Excavating designs your outdoor entertainment area to blend harmoniously with the environment. Custom designed exterior living spaces like patios, walkways and driveways extend the useful spaces around your property. We believe you will find our custom paver or flagstone projects to be among the best in craftsmanship and beauty in Flagstaff.

Todd’s Excavating designs and constructs custom water features, barbecues, fire-pits, fireplaces, and outdoor living spaces built of rock, flagstone and custom pavers. Helping our customers extend their living space into the environment seamlessly with your home and surrounding area.

Driveways, Todd’s Excavating Has Created

Custom Paver Driveway

Creating a dual entrance drive that flows with the surrounding landscape and elevation of property is just one of the many ways Todd’s Excavating creates a more welcoming driving and parking space.

Driveway and Custom Walkway

Custom pavers create a sense of pride and quality of your home. In addition, pavers will withstand the northern Arizona climate far longer than standard concert.

Extended Driveways

Large and extended driveways and sloping lots are just one of the many projects that Todd’s Excavating is known for in the Flagstaff and the surrounding area.

 Patios and Walkways by Todd’s Excavating

Custom Outdoor Grilling Patio

Todd’s Excavating is you one-stop source to creating a custom outdoor patio, perfect for year around grilling and entertaining. Using custom pavers at your home will stand the test of time in both durability and style.

Three Level Patio

Creating a three level patio and using two different hardscape materials is no easy feat. Designs like this are a great way to break up an outdoor living space and gives it additional character.

Tiered Backyard Patio

Converting a sloop in a backyard into a three tiered patio extends your homes exterior living space. Building and creating a more usable area for outdoor activities.

Entrance Way

An entrance way patio constructed of pavers creates an enhanced walking hardscape to your home that will withstand the harsh elements of the northern Arizona.

Todd's Excavating Outdoor fire pit feature and design

Turning a Backyard Into a Dream Experience

A backyard does have to be just that. Let us turn your yard into the dream you have always wanted with a custom water feature and a one of a kind fire pit made of local northern Arizona flagstone.

Sporting Patios

Let Todd’s Excavating design and create the best solution to your sporting needs and entertainment. Designing custom outdoor living spaces that flow and fit with the needs of the customer is what we do best.

 Custom Rock Work and Features

Flagstone Waterfall

Looking to add a special visual and/or natural sound effect to your yard? Start with this soothing water feature. Created with Northern Arizona’s Moss Flagstone for ruggedness and durability.

Cascading Flagstone Waterfall

Adding a one-of-a-kind water feature will add a special visual focal point and soothing sound effect to your yard and out door living space.

Water and Fire Combo Feature

The combination of water, fire and steel makes for a unique experience. This type of fire feature can be customized to fit your patio and surrounding landscape.

Todd's Excavating Water fountain feature

Water Feature with a Pop Culture Art Twist

The combination of water and a three-dimensional art sculpture is a favorite way to display a personal interest. Water features can be customized to fit your personal hobby or interest.

Todd's Excavating, Inc. custom built flagstone fire pit. Can be done in gas, propane or natural wood

Flagstone Rock Fire Pit

This beautiful all-natural out door stone fire pit can be customized for natural or propane gas use. No two flagstone fire pits will be the same.

Todd's Excavating, Inc. custom built flagstone fire pit. Can be done in gas, propane or natural wood

Flagstone Rock Fire Pit with Rock Cap

This beautiful out door stone fire pit can also be used as a bar-top-table when not in fire use. This stone cap design also radiates more heat than a typical fire pit in the surrounding area.

If, You Can Envision It We Can Create The Scene.

Naturally enduring, low-maintenance and beautifully crafted custom pavers or of flagstone rock, are the perfect choice of materials for Northern Arizona. Using materials like these for walkways, patios and driveways will endure the test of time. With more than 38 years of experience, Todd’s Excavating can help you build and beatify your Flagstaff and northern Arizona property. Whether you choose flagstone or custom pavers for your patio; walls; walkways; or driveways we complete the project in the right way best suited for your property. We also welcome your creative imagination and inspirations when it comes to custom structures and stonework on your property to make it your oasis.

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