Todd’s Excavating, Inc. is a local Excavating, Grading and Trucking company here to serve our always growing Flagstaff community for more than 20 years! We offer an extensive range of excavating services.

Offering Excavating Services In The Flagstaff Area Since 1999

Proper drainage of your property is extremely important in Northern Arizona, Todd’s Excavating provides quality, dedicated, professional services to get the proper drainage your property needs.

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We Are A Licensed, Bonded And Insured Business With A Full Line Of Excavating Services To Fit Your Needs

  • Tree Removal

  • Site Preparation

  • Cuts/Fills

  • Footings

  • Back Fill

  • Engineered Pad Prep

  • Utility Lines

  • Rough Grade

  • Final Grade

  • Hardscaping

  • Custom Paver Driveways, Walkways and Patios

  • Boulder or Block Stacker Walls

  • Trucking

  • Materials

Just a Few of Our Excavating Projects Over The Years

Engineered Pad Prep Excavating

Understanding dirt is, admittedly, not a difficult feat. However, neither is understanding the concepts of falls, struck-by hazards and caught-in-between hazards, in Northern Arizona is not easy. With this in mind, Todd’s Excavating offers more than 35 years of experience working in these extremely tough soils in Flagstaff and the surrounding area.

Utility Line Excavating Trench

Underground Installations include, but are not limited to, utilities (sewer, telephone, fuel, electric, water, and other product lines), tunnels, shafts, vaults, foundations, and other underground fixtures or equipment that may be encountered by Todd’s Excavating during excavation or trenching work.

Site Preparation Excavating

Todd’s Excavating understands Northern Arizona’s soil structures and what is needed for each site. Support System refers to structures such as underpinning, bracing, and shoring that provide support to an adjacent structure or underground installation or to the sides of an excavation or trench.

We’ve got the scoop on all the dirt.

Let Us Do The Digging For You

Proper drainage of your property is very important anywhere and is extremely important in northern Arizona. Todd’s Excavating provides quality, dedicated, professional services to get the proper drainage your property needs.

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