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Todd’s Excavating, Inc. maintains a clean and trustworthy fleet of dump trucks and transfers trucks. Our drivers have built a reputation in our community as some of the most professional drivers in Flagstaff and the surrounding area. Our trucking service is one of the greatest assets of our company and allows us to expand our customer base, and better service existing customers. Partnership is a great thing, and our trucking service often allows Todd’s Excavating to partner with local competitors. We service our own projects as well as other contractors in the Northern Arizona.

We Offer Several Types of Trucks That Are Engineered To Your Projects Needs

Our trucking service is one of the greatest assets of our company.

We Have Materials That Are Processed For Various Construction and Excavating Requirements

Todd’s Excavating ensures a safe, properly constructed, stable foundation with the proper materials for your construction site.

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A Short Selection of Our Trucks

Dump trucks are an integral part and one of the most commonly used heavy equipment in the construction industry. From hauling to excavation, they are essential for construction purposes. They are specifically built to move construction materials and equipment from one place to another.

When finding the right dump truck for your project, Todd’s Excavating, Inc. will need to consider types, carrying capacity, maneuverability, terrain, and speed beyond ensuring the safety requirements. We understand all these factors that will help us choose the best dump truck for your needs.

Todd's Excavating Super 16 Dump Truck

Super 16 Dump Truck

In a single trip each of our two Super 16’s can haul 19 tons of payload each trip for a total of 38 tons of material.

Todd's Excavating 10 Wheeler Dump Truck

10 Wheeler Dump Truck

Each of our two 10 Wheeler Dump Trucks has a load capacity of 10 tons of payload each trip for a total of 20 tons of material.

Todd's Excavating Bobtail Dump Truck

Bobtail Dump Truck

Each of our three Bobtail Dump Trucks has a load capacity of 10 to 14 cubic yards depending on the density of the material.

Todd's Excavating Water Truck

Water Truck

Water trucks are equipped with a water tank and a sprinkling attachment designed to settle dust on a site. Capacity of 11,000 gal.

Materials That We Can Supply to Our Customers

Materials types such as bedrock, limestone, sandstone and hard chalk have high bearing capacities. These are very strong and good for supporting foundations because of their stability and depth. As, long as the rock is level the foundation will be well-supported.

Engineered Pad Dirt

We engineer our own Pad Dirt to meet the needs of the harsh Northern Arizona climate with a minimum height of 18” above undisturbed ground.


Our clean, double-screened topsoil is a great value. Use topsoil to fill in low spots in your yard or back fill areas where you’ve done some construction.

Deceptive Boulders

Boulders and stones are best used on outdoor features and hardscaping projects in residential and commercial properties.

ABC Aggregate

We engineer our own ABC Aggregate from natural stone found in Northern Arizona. ABC is a great foundation material and is often used underneath pavers, flagstone, concrete, or asphalt.


Todd’s Excavating creates its own sand to remove organic impurities, to ensure consistent particle size and to have the proper bulking ratio for concrete.

Granite Product

Granite boulders and rocks can be used for retaining and decorative walls, walkways, steps, decorative detail, and water features. 


Mulch is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, and also help improve the soil’s fertility, as the mulch decompose.

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